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Dog breeding supplies and Technology here at the Breeders Technology Center. The Breeders Tech Center for CanineP4 ecommerce logistic located in Neenah WI. Here we stock, test, and ship all the products you see at We also have a lab set up for testing new lots of test kits, new products we are evaluating, correlation testing for other manufactures, and refurbishing systems needing repair or updates. All this to serve you better! 

We can help you do just that! Its Fast, and Easy!

We serve thousands of Breeders, and Veterinarians of all kinds with the most dependable, and economical approaches to building their breeding businesses! Here at Breeders Technology Center our engineer's work overtime to find the highest quality, most dependable, and innovative equipment to make profiting at your equine and/or canine breeding business so much easier. You work hard to succeed and Breeders Technology Center and CanineP4 is right there with you every step of the way!   Call 844-673-7378 for more information!

Fast, Accurate, Easy to use Equine Vet level Analyzer!

Looking for the best equine hormone analyzer? Look no further than the CUBE-VET. Your mare's health is paramount to ensure successful breeding. The CUBE-VET is a clinical level analyzer used by Veterinarians all over the world that allows you to get professional level testing in about 8 minutes! The Cube Vet offers you a variety of equine tests that let you monitor not only her progesterone levels but also 10 other health metrics. This is the machine your vet would love to had. The CUBE-VET offers vet-level performance and versatility at a rock bottom price. Do more for less and take your business to the next level. Call 844-673-7378

Equine Survey! Tell us what you need!

Take our Equine Survey! Let us know what type of equipment you would like to see! We are always looking for new and innovative equipment and products to help our customer succeed with all their testing, and breeding needs! As a thank you we will send you a $25 coupon to use on any order of $200 or more! Also sign up below for Sales, ongoing updates, and new product launches!

Watch the Cube Vet in action! You will be amazed!

Looking for the best canine and equine hormone analyzer? Look no further than the CUBE-VET. One of the most important parts of dog breeding is timing, and the CUBE-VET makes that a breeze with incredibly accurate p4 testing that only takes 8 minutes. This is the machine your vet wishes they had. The CUBE-VET also is a vet level analyzer to monitor your equine and canine health indicators! Tests including T4, Fructosamine, CRP, and much more. The CUBE-VET offers vet-level performance and versatility at a rock bottom price. Do more for less and take your business to the next level.

Progesterone Testing

Breeders Tech is the only service style breeder equipment provider that offers you all the 6 best Progesterone Testing Systems on the market! All of our systems come with ongoing support, training, and replacement warranties! Engineer support available 24/7 via our training portal, email, chat, & phone! We work everyday to serve you!

Pregnancy Detection

Relaxin, Ultrasounds (with world renown professional training), and all the tools you will need to verify your animal is pregnant. Because Breeders Tech is primarily a service company we back up all of the systems we sell with support, and engineer level services! Breeders Tech also provides, and stocks all the supplies you need after the sale!

Wellness Testing

Testing for cCRP, Brucellosis, Giardia, Heartworm, Distemper, Parvovirus many others are available to Breeders and Veterinarians! Breeders Tech offers Progesterone testing along with many other tests all on one system! Professional solutions for profitability and peace of mind. Easy, Fast, Accurate, Dependable! including professional training and ongoing engineer support!

Offering State of the Art Equipment of all kinds!

Progesterone Testing

Breeders Technology Center offers you 6 state of the art - Top of the line Progesterone testing machines. Each offering is the best in category for dependably, accuracy, and precision! No matter if you are looking for a highly portable system, or a system that will best match a system you now use for testing we have them all here in stock! Come on in and see or check all the option out here on line!

Pregnancy Detection

Need a professional level Ultrasound system to ensure you don't have any surprises?  We offer the state of the art color Doppler system that comes with FREE professional training to make sure you get all the advantages from your new Color Doppler system!

Health Screen Testing

Several of the Progesterone's testing machines (V200, Cube Vet, Immulite Family, and Mini Vidas) we provide also will do many other vet level tests for you at a small fraction of what you pay now! Need a T4 or TSH to check thyroid conditions we got it for you. Want to run CRP testing to make sure your dog is healthy enough to breed we got that too along with many others not listed here. Talk to one of our engineers for details. These tests are for monitoring only. Any results that are not normal you should consult with your vet for further evaluations.

Check out the Mighty Mini Vida (refurbished)!

We have provided close to 100 refurbished Mini Vidas system for our dog breeder friends all over the country that are looking for a fully clinical level Progesterone (other tests also available) analyzer that is of the highest accuracy and allow them to run up to 12 samples at one time. Load up to six tests per side! Its fast, accurate, precise, and easy to use, We have one waiting for you! Click the picture at the right, take a look and give us a call at 844-673-7378 for all the details. Installation and training are always available!

The Immulite 1000 is the Vet Reference Method for testing Progesterone!

The Immulite 1000 is the Veterinary Reference method and the gold standard for Progesterone testing! We have over 25 year of hands on field level experience with the immulite 1000 and we have sold many system to the highest level vet labs all over the country. If your lab needs the gold standard for your progesterone and many other testing just give us a call at 844-673-7378 and we can set you up with everything you need including installation, training, reagents, and ongoing technical service support! Ready to Serve you and your staff! Click the image to find out more!


What our Customers are saying!

Steve Sturtz 

San Angelo TX

Steve Sturtz wrote a review about CUBE-VET  Analyzer
" I had a Mini Vidas and when it broke down I looked for cheaper alternatives. After talking with caninep4 professionals I order the cube vet. I am very impressed with this unit and have used it for vaginal AI’s, TCI’s and surgical procedures with great results."

dog breeding supplies iSperm

K9 repro

Palm Beach, FL.

K9 repro wrote a review about iSperm Portable Semen Analyzer
"This is exactly what I was looking for, its the greatest mobile sperm vision there is ,my clients love to see in person and know what they are getting !great customer service 👏 will buy all of my products and equipment from ( &) caninep4!"

Success Stories: CandyvillPups

mom and puppies

CandyvillePups wrote a review about Cube Vet - Reproduction Startup Bundle

Great product, Excellent Service!

The team at Mr. Diagnostics (Breeders Technology Center Parent company) have been super helpful in our research and in our decision to purchase the Cube Vet. When we ran into some issues using the Cube Vet, they were very courteous in their help on the phone, and prompt in sending out a replacement unit. Excellent service, knowledgeable staff- highly recommended!
The Cube Vet is super easy to use, accurate, and well worth the investment. A litter of 10 beautiful Cocker Retriever pups after the first use.

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