Pregnancy Test for Dogs! Easy, Accurate, and Fast! FREE Same Day Shipping!

NEW! Patent Pending - Testing Technology that makes it so simple to preform a canine pregnancy test at home with 96% Accuracy! Everything you need to test is in the box! Developed by breeders for breeders

Easy and Accurate

Easy and accurate dog pregnancy rapid test for home use! Free shipping!

Easy and accurate dog pregnancy rapid test for home use
There has to be a better way, said one breeder to another. After years of research, work and innovation together with leading experts, veterinarians and breeders our Bellylabs Pregnancy Test For Dogs is ready for you! It is easy to use, stress free and accurate.   FREE SHIPPING & A GIFT!

96% Accurate

The Bellylabs pregnancy test was compared to a confirmed medical diagnosis. The study involved 70 performed tests.

Testing is easy on your dog

The kit comes with everything you need! Just a small prick to collect the needed sample. Processing the sample is fast!

Store test kit at room temp

Tests are stored at normal room temp and they have a long 18 month expiration from date of manufacture. 

What's in the Test Kit Box? Left to Right

Sample Swab

On the far left you will find the Bellylabs Sample Swab used to collect the sample from the dogs lip.

Snap Lancet

You will find two (2) Snap lancets used to mechanically prick the dogs inner lip so that they barely feel it. Two just in case you need it.

Buffer/Sample Tube

Buffer/sample tube designed to make it easy to place your sample swab in to mix, then tapered to make application to the cassette controllable and easy!

Test Cassette

The Bellylab test cassette is designed to be easy to handle with a large well to make dispensing sample into the cassette simple. The indicator lines are marked and easy to identify once the test is done.

Testing at home!

Test your dog at home?  YES! And here is Why!

  • Veterinarian level testing in your own home.
  • Testing is fast, safe, easy and stress-free.
  • Easy, Fast, and non intrusive testing for your dog.
  • Phantom pregnancies will waste your valuable time.
  • Run a professional test and be sure in 15 minutes.
  • 96% Accuracy backed up with scientific testing.
  • Easy storage at room temp, no refrigeration needed.
  • 18 month expiration date from manufactured date.

blood test for dog prenancy

Pregnancy test for dogs

96 % accuracy*
For the best accuracy we recommend testing after 28 days has passed from ovulation**
Quick, easy, safe, and reliable test for home use

* The Bellylabs pregnancy test was compared to a confirmed medical diagnosis. The study involved 70 performed tests.
** Gestation days may vary if calculated from mating and the time of ovulation is unknown. A progesterone test can be performed to precisely determine ovulation before mating.

why we do it

What is the test for?

Bellylabs Dog Pregnancy Test is the first ever early detection rapid dog pregnancy test for home use. The test is intended to determine pregnancy in a bitch as well as to distinguish between pseudopregnancy and a real gestation. The test measures relaxin hormone which is a reliable indication of dog pregnancy. For the best accuracy we recommend testing after 28 days has passed from ovulation. The test kit contains all equipment needed for performing the test at home. Fast, safe and stress free, get results after 10 minutes.

four easy steps to Results!

Pregnancy test for dogs

  • Four simple steps to results you can trust
  • Snap the tool to prick your dog inner lip (similar to pricking a finger for a glucose test)
  • Collect blood from the spot of the painless prick until the cotton swap is covered.
  • Drop the cotton swap into the reagent vial
  • Use the vial as a dropper to deliver the sample to the test strip. 
  • Wait 10-15 and read the lines on the test strip.


What they say

Victoria Austin 

Austin’s lil’ Shih-Tzu Babies

"I was very excited to use on a first time mom. Delivery to La. was super quick and the test was easy to use and read. We have a + pregnant."
Thank You!

Mark Watson

Dog Owner

"I tested on day 26 already as I didn’t want to wait. Happy to say the result was positive! I will send you pictures of puppies when they arrive."

Thanks again.

Pregnancy test for dogs! Relaxin 1,2 or 10 count! Super fast, inexpensive, and reliable! We got you covered

Pregnancy test for dogs

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