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Finecare Vet Canine Progesterone Bundle

Why did we wait so long??

Fast shipment. User friendly. Excellent instructional videos and support.

Mindy Reighard. 

Lakeland, USA


Cube Vet
... I love my Cube Vet and being able to run Progesterone Test at home. It safes time and hauling your dogs to the vet. Before we purchased or Cube Vet to run Progesterone Test .... Recommended this products to everyone.

Tiffany Harvey


Vcheck V200 Bionote Bundle
Outstanding machine and customer service . I called with a million questions and they were more than happy to help .
Great job guys

Louis Perrin. 

Lynchburg, USA

Check out the three most popular Canine Progesterone testing systems in the USA! We have them ALL for same day shipping so yOU can start saving time and money NOW! 

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  • What is your time worth?
    How many hours do you spend traveling to your testing provider? Do you have to travel and hour or more? You are the heart of your businesses. Your time is very valuable and you can't get it back! Many breeders save so much time and money doing their own testing that they tell us they wish they would have made the investment much sooner then they did. 
  • How to Save time and Money!
    One trip to their testing provider costs many breeders a two hour round trip plus half an hour waiting. Then the progesterone testing costs them an average of $125 each! That's a lot of money. If your time is worth $100 per hour you just spent $375! Ouch! What if you could do your own testing for a low as $9 per test? Would that be worth the investment in your future? We are ready to help! Its much Easier then you think and we are always ready to help with ongoing support!
  • Its Easy to Save your Time and Money while you profit! Doing your own testing at your home or office is easy and CanineP4 is always here to help you get started! Use the time you save to grow your business or just take a well needed brake from the action. Same day Free shipping on many test kits! Pregnancy testing too!